For me photography is about the process. The technique. Application. How can I achieve this result or perhaps "I wonder what will happen if I" or use this element in this way. What result will I get? Learning, applying. The camera, the scene, lens and other 'tools' used. 

The process is just as important as the result. A series of thoughts, processes and applications. 

One of my recent images, "Essence of Bird". A trip out to an industrial area near the Port of Brisbane / Airport. I had often been fascinated with the polarisation effect / reflection from a rear view mirror. My natural curiosity / analytical mind led me to this. 

Shooting the mirror in bright sun beaming through the warehouses (main stage) for my image. A flock of birds rummaging about for worms or whatever they could find edible amongst the grass rubble. This particular one is a re-frame (shooting conditions limited my framing) from an original, something I seldom do. All colours, everything else is as is.

A kind of double exposure, I guess. Yes. A double exposure. Once again, fuelling my love of the often randomness of film/ vintage cameras.


Stuck on wood.

My next project involves wood. My fascination maybe mostly due to my lastname. And or a love for raw materials. This is only the beginning. 

A trip to my local Bunnings, the purchase of some FSC pine ply (forest safe council). Sourced from a renewable forest.  

Simple wood background with a pictured on the front.  


Simple wallart accessible. 


With a few ideas in my head of final product. Stay tuned...

So I received some film in the mail...

My wonderful free film sample from (film for sale, a Melbourne based store) arrived today!

It includes:

- Kodak Portra 400 (professional skin balanced for low(ish) light portraits)

- Cinestill 800 (tungsten balanced cinematic look for low light

- Kodak Ultramax 400 (consumer action film in colour)

- Kodak Ektar 100 (professional colour film)

- Fuji Superia-Xtra 400 (consumer high speed colour)

- Fuji Natura 1600 (high speed colour film)


I am very much looking forward to shooting and trying these out! Some I've used previously. I'm keen on the cinestill and curious about Fuji 1600. Thinking some night time city or industrial long exposures... Watch this space and see what I come up with.