Fri Aug 17th - DAY 1

Day 1 -

Packing started about a month ago, and dribs and drabs slowly followed until about midnight last night. Is over-prepared a thing? Possibly.

Boarding time (almost). Not as early as I expected myself to be. Here I am at the Brisbane International for rnd 3. This time, starting in Berlin (great start) then to the Northern Lands where colourful water side buildings are plentiful and where the Vikings once ruled.
Although it’s summer, I’m expecting cooler weather the further north we go. Right up to the Golden Circle where daylight is in abundance ‘the Midnight Sun’.

3 cameras this time and an assortment of films. Some new, others faithful classics. Let’s see what I get this time round. It’s always a wonderful surprise when I finally get all of it developed, scanned. Often with pleasing results.

Another hour or so till boarding time. Plenty of time for people watching.

Obligatory pre-flight airport photo.



Ready to go.

In about 2 weeks I’m off again overseas. This time with a slightly different assortment of film. The regulars inclusive - Cinestill 800T, 50D and bwXX. 

I don’t always pick a specific film for a specific scenario but sometimes. Ilford PAN F 50, perfect for bw long exposures. Depending on how much light is available. I have a few filters R25 (bw contrast enhancement), ND both 9stop and variable 9stop from HOYA. 


A couple of new ones I thought I’d try out. IRO200 from filmneverdie and Holiday 200. How appropriate. From Hillvale. Both stores based in Melbourne Victoria. 



From a young age, early beginnings in drawings (both cartoon and technical) to later on with digital photography and layout design. To this. A blend of film photographs incorporating digital layout design.

Prague final web.jpg

Prague, most definitely one of my favourite cities. Eclectic mixed of it's bohemian past (still very much alive) to hints of modern. A classic blend of old and new.


Fresh mountain air, rolling hills, crystal clear streams. What more could a person want? Staying in Lauterbrunnen, the mountain train is a perfect way to see this incredible place. With a number of stops on the way to the top, it most certainly is worth the trip. 

Jungfrau final.jpg