For me photography is about the process. The technique. Application. How can I achieve this result or perhaps "I wonder what will happen if I" or use this element in this way. What result will I get? Learning, applying. The camera, the scene, lens and other 'tools' used. 

The process is just as important as the result. A series of thoughts, processes and applications. 

One of my recent images, "Essence of Bird". A trip out to an industrial area near the Port of Brisbane / Airport. I had often been fascinated with the polarisation effect / reflection from a rear view mirror. My natural curiosity / analytical mind led me to this. 

Shooting the mirror in bright sun beaming through the warehouses (main stage) for my image. A flock of birds rummaging about for worms or whatever they could find edible amongst the grass rubble. This particular one is a re-frame (shooting conditions limited my framing) from an original, something I seldom do. All colours, everything else is as is.

A kind of double exposure, I guess. Yes. A double exposure. Once again, fuelling my love of the often randomness of film/ vintage cameras.