Art Trade with someone across the sea.

Foraging through Instagram, something caught my eye. An opportunity to trade some of my work with someone else. In this instance, Geneva Lehnert based in Eugene Oregon, USA. After following her wonderful (mostly black and white), very moody and creative moments, I had to take her up on the opportunity. I guess my attention was caught by the tones, the use of natural light, some times a bit of movement.

After exchanging a couple of emails, here's what I have to share ~

From left to right, top to bottom ~ bw monotone sunrays, green thumb, city from above, seagull (winged crusader). All printed on wonderfully thick hahnemühle fine art paper from the wonderful folks Tim & Vanessa at Thirds Fine Art Printing in Melbourne VIC Australia.

I look forward to receiving a handful of her wonderful work :) Credit - @genevalehnert (Instagram)