A mile long stone.

It's been just over 3 years now that I started along this journey that is (and will continue to be) film. And in just under 3 weeks I will be having my first ever solo exhibition. Pretty pumped. This of course is only the beginning. With future plans for more travel, Scandinavia looks wonderful, and of course more exhibitions both solo and group. 

I have thus far partaken in 5 group exhibitions and soon 1 solo exhibition. Some I was not able to attend due to location, but that's ok.  

I write an occasional blog post about what I'm up to, projects, features and my creative / technical process. I guess I just love sharing my knowledge and experiences, to hopefully a wide audience. Having recently decided to start leading group workshops, to share and even learn myself a thing or 3 not only to share my things, but also hear and see what others are making with their cameras. Conversation starters. Learning from each other. Even potential collaboration opportunities.

There are still many photographic areas that I would love to explore, such as medium and large format. With a multitude of different camera systems, shooting styles, film types. I've got a few ideas, but this will have to wait for now. And also my current setup of 35mm, looking at different lens types to explore such as animorphic, tilt/ shift, fisheye, ultra-wide... The list goes on. Having recently developed a fascination with cinematic/ cinematography techniques alongside my personal pursuit / obsession with lines (architecture) and light. All being a major focus of my work or my 'style'. Street, architecture and landscape.  Good lighting is generally the key to a good photograph. Whether it be hard or soft, light sculpts a photograph.

This is me in a shell of nut. 


European Postcards. A journey of discovering new things.

Having recently returned from an amazing journey throughout Europe (a good chunk of it at least), I will soon be having an public solo exhibition. On display will be a number of photographs 'postcards' printed in A3 and also in postcard size, available for purchase from my travels. I have released a small amount of photos on my Instagram account, but will certainly be keeping the best to last...

With a strong emphasis on historical places, architecture and few off-the-track spots, where I would wander off in search of something a bit different, tourists, with street documentary / cinematic approach. Armed with 2x Canon A1s (circa late 70s) and having shot 20 rolls of film, I promise you something quite special. 

Brisbane, 1st quarter 2016. The final details of the exhibition (date + time) TBC.

Paris, Musée d'Orsay.

Paris, Musée d'Orsay.

This is only the beginning, as I hope to venture on another trip in the not-to distant future. To where yet, I am undecided. I do however have a strong interest in Scandinavian history, so perhaps Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Russia might be on the list. Scandinavian / Russian architecture, every day life, majestic scenery and of course Nordkapp (northern cap) - the most northern tip of the world. Also recent history of the Balkan region as well. Documenting the recovery after years of conflict. 

For me travel is about the experiencing of the unseen, the undiscovered, cultures, history, new places, new delicacies and of course the people who you meet and may spend time with along the way. Fascinated by these new places and adventures, I look forward to capturing and sharing with in the future. 

Postcard Collection - Brisbane.

Something new! Available now, postcards of some of Brisbane's iconic (and perhaps not-so) places. Some favourite places of mine around town from my point of view. Be it Kangaroo Point (golden silhouette) or the Clock Tower atop City Hall.

Available for purchase for $2.50 / each (in postage and handling in an envelop). Printed here in Brisbane #supportlocal

If you'd like to buy a tonne of them or if there is particular image you'd like., holla. Currently available online. If you or someone you know would like to stock them, please get in touch.