Chapter 2. Feb.

Well as Jan comes to an end and turn the page that is Feb, I am excited about 2015. Lots of planning, thinking, researching. I have so much to share, but must wait. This year is about new experiences. Tonight will be one of those 'new(ish) experiences'. My first printed article in a magazine - Launch "The Brisbane Collective - HOME GROWN" and another exhibition. My article including 4x portraits of wonderful people who I have met and their favourite hang place. More on that here

Then in about 6 months I'm off o'seas to visit 13 countries (wowzers). This time will be full of new experiences in a whole lot of new places. Sure I've 'seen' them on TV, etc, but to be there in person, feeling, smelling it. Taking it all in and capturing many memorable moments. Sharing it with a group of strangers (hopefully some to become friends). I don't speak any other languages except for a bit of German. Learning it in my youth, I've still maintained a strong interest in the language, culture and history of Germany. Aus liebe zum Deutschland! 

This is just the beginning of something new for me. Stay tuned and I look forward to sharing with you again soon.