ETSY Store

Late Friday afternoon I decided to set up an ETSY Store. Trying to get things moving along with my work and long-term goals.

"I believe fine art should be available to anyone"

With about 16 pieces on there, within 12hrs (ish) I had my first customer! Thank you Lauren :) So with a bit of haste I posted it out this afternoon. All the way to the USofA!

This is a proud moment for me. I love being able to share my work at an affordable price. I believe fine art should be available to anyone. Anyone and anywhere. Simply purchase and there's no need for expensive custom-framing. There are many dyi ideas for framing with re-claimed  / recycled timbers. Use an old picture frame or if you're handy with the tools, build something yourself. You'll enjoy the process and the final product. I'll post some ideas about framing later on...

Check out my store here or contact me here about purchases / commission works.