New book.

I'm proud to announce the arrival of my new book. (click on the image to scroll through sample)

With a special selection of my favourite images taken over the past 12 months, since the beginning of my film adventure. The front cover, an image I shot whilst on the road, with my mates Tony and Nick in search of snow. We didn't find much snow, but I managed a few wonderful snaps of the countryside. Other photos from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast. Scenic / iconic places such as the Story Bridge, Glasshouse Mountains. 

I am inspired by design, travel, culture and hope to do a lot of it in the next couple of years.  Captured either on colour or black & white film. My favourites being Kodak Ektar 125, a well-balanced colour film. Perfect speed for full sun daytime photos. Producing natural colour. And Tri-x 400, a very grainy black & white film. Good for lower light scenes and full sun. For a little less grain, try an Ilford 125 or Fuji Acros 100. 

There's just something about printed material that makes a little crazy. Something a little more personal, tangible.

I hope to share with you more printed material very soon...


Approximately 50 images. Available for purchase for $100, including world wide shipping.

Contact here - holamountain(at)gmail(dot)com

*replace (at) @ (dot) . 


Printed in the USA. It measures 8.25" x 11", 

Cover stock: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell, White 120#

Page stock: Mohawk Options 100% Post Consumer Recycled.

Printed by the lovely people at from Denver, Colorado.

New book. Coming soon...

A collection of my film from the past 12 months in print. I love digital, but there's something about print that drives me a little crazy (good).  Few people print their digital photos / snaps. 


Another thing I love about film, is the time taken for each shot. You just don't know until you get it back from the lab. 

Around 50 images, printed on recycled paper in the USA. Watch this space ><. (There's nothing there, yet. But there will be. Sort of there.