Essentially Simple

Some quite personal items of mine. Ready for adventures both locally and abroad.

A vintage film camera, two beautifully and thoughtfully handmade goods from local businesses (Melbourne + Brisbane) and a classic set of spectacles.

Canon A1, circa 1978, film my choice. Old-fashioned and a little clunky. The end result is certainly worth it.

Camera strap by Chocolate Brownie Leather (based in Melbourne VIC Australia), natural leather ages beautifully and with loads of character, skilfully crafted by hand.

"The Traveller" by Burwood Handmade (Brisbane Qld Australia), another example of time, thought and skilled craftsmanship. I also love the smell of natural leather. 

Spectacles "Oxford" by Oscar Wylee, to help me see things that would otherwise be not easily seen. Black framed nerdish / hipsterish.

Field Notes rule-lined notebook by Field Notes (USA), a simple notebook for the jotting of notes, in the field. Styled, minimalistic design like the olden days. Just before WW2 I think.