Christmas Time!

It's that time again, time for family, friends, food, booze and thankfulness!

I am thankful for film still being made (haha), family, friends (especially the creative ones - you know who you are!), fast cars, old things. 

I'm heading to the glorious Noosa for a number of days. Spending time with my family. There'll be eating, drinking, sleeping and going to the beach :) It's time for a break after a busy year, a year of new things including my first public exhibition, shooting lots of film, planning and other exciting things to come!

Next year? Europe (of course) of which I am extremely excited about, planning things for my next exhibition (hopefully with a good friend of mine Alicia) either late next year or in 2016, brain-storming creative ideas for new/old photographic techniques and I have already started looking into medium format 120, 4x5 cameras - something a bit different. Either roll, sheet / instant film. Mainly because of my obsession with vintage cameras and to learn new things! I am also looking to 2016/ 2017 for new opportunities as well.

Travel will be the highlight. To experience new cultures, languages, food, history. Stories to capture, re-tell. With such a diverse range of people in the many (13) countries I will be visiting, I hope to learn / experience the world, opening my eyes to the human experience. During my time in Europe I will be posting regularly (+ photos from my iPhone with film gallery to come later when I return) on a blog here on my website (coming soon)...