I am pleased to announce that I am part of #TheCreatorClass community :) A Community for Creators, by Creators. I look forward to collaborating, the journey and the end result of what is about to shift in my creative life. 

Back in the olden days when I shot digital. A turn in direction lead me to the wonders of analogue photography. Obsessed with light, reflection and form. I hope to create something a little different from my own perspective. Blending technique with the sometimes random affects of a chemical / physical process that is film, the end result? Amazing. 

"A MOVEMENT IN THE MAKING. The Creator Class is a creativity lifestyle channel for those who share their passions for a living. Anchored on YouTube and Instagram, the channel shares the lives, ambitions, and craft of leading content creatives in Music, Style, Adventure, Arts, and Culture. True to the channel’s collaborative premise, all programming is made for Creators, by Creators."


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland