Places for Eating & Drinking (+ occasionally listening to live music)

Grill'd (Emporium Brisbane) always serves up amazing burgers and choice beer(s), Well all of the Grill'd s I've visited do. Now offering Gluten-free buns (for some of us with special dietary requirements). The food, the beer, the chips, the setting and with the occasional live set. It has become a favourite of mine to chill-out and pig-out (a little). 

It's about the food and this photograph I took. As I continue my passion for (food) and everyday moments captured on film. Fuji Xtra 400, Canon A1, Sigma 28mm. I love the neon lights, the colour saturation, even the air-cond ducts.

This I hope to become a regular thing as I find unique (sorry Coffee Club) places to eat & drink (occasionally listening to live music). This is just the start of showcasing some of Brisbane Eats. With my Europe trip planned next year, I will continue documenting my adventures of new culture, find food and the people I meet along the way.