Musing over Mountainous Meanderings

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, about the direction of this journey. With a recent web address change and being tired of certain outcomes, I am in pursuit of more extreme sport adventures. Photography will remain a part of this journey, but not in it's previous format. Whatever that means. 

In August of this year, I set off to Scandinavia for a few weeks. Starting in Berlin, then north into Denmark, Sweden, Norway (to the cap), south through Finnland, across the Baltic Sea. Finnishing in Tallinn Estonia. A journey about discovery and new experiences. There will be many unique photographs to follow. Northern seaside architecture to wondrous landscapes. And a hint or 2 of former Soviet times.


Later on, I am currently planning further o'seas travels, but with more of an outdoor adventure focus. There will be sharing, of course. So stay tuned...