Photographic Evolution.

"Back in the olden days when I shot digital." I unlike most photographers started with digital, then switched to film. 

In 2005, purchasing my first, a Canon IXUS40. A 4 megapixel point n shoot, which produced some nice photographs.

In 2006, a Canon D60 secondhand. A 6.3 megapixel DSLR, which dated back to the earlier 2000s.

In 2008, a Canon 450D, an entry-level DLSR, boasting 12.2 megapixels. Accompanied by some nice lenses, taking some wonderful photographs.

Followed by a Canon 550D, another entry-level camera, with a whopping 18 megapixels. 

The final chapter of my digital life, a Canon 7D, a prosumer DSLR. Again with 18 megapixels, but with dual processors. It took wonderful pictures.

And then a change in direction with my work, led to me to the Canon EOS10. A film SLR from the early 1990's. With auto-rewind, ISO /ASA film speed detection, it was essentially like all my digital cameras, but film. After using the EOS10 for a short period I bought myself a Canon A1. Born in the late 1970s, retro. A bit clunky and certainly a whole new experience of taking photographs. I absolutely love it.

An unusual approach. I guess I always wanted to make the switch. Shooting commercially digital was a good choice, being able to review, take lots of pictures, too many pictures. Shooting film has slowed me down, I appreciate my work more and certainly have a different (slightly) style and work-flow. Patience. My step into film with the Canon A1 is only the beginning. Shooting film whilst traveling through Europe had it's challenges and risks. Vintage camera equipment failures, film getting damaged in bad weather (i.e a rain storm in Tuscany), losing my gear (theft or misplacement) and not being able to back up my photographs on the run. Would I ever switch back to digital? No. I love the aesthetics, the use of old cameras, the time scale from loading some film, to developing / scanning an receiving the final photographs. The mix of chemical / celluloid process, weather, old cameras. The result? Amaze.