Only half a story.

In the past 4 weeks of holidaying through part of Europe (A good chunk of it - 13 countries) I have seen and unseen many sites. With limited time, I feel that a picture can often be a little bias, tell only half the story. That particular moment the frame was captured either in an instant or the time was taken to consider the scene, the light (natural or artificial), time of day, lens and probably film.  


Do more photos need to be taken? Or when looking at a photo, is it necessary to take into consideration so many factors? Perhaps not. Perhaps an open-mind will suffice.  

Am I looking into this too deeply. Perhaps I just take my work a bit too seriously.  

Currently in Berlin, I've tried to approach my work from a different point of view. Getting odd tourist cliché, but also a side of each place you wouldn't normally see.  

Europe you've been wonderful. See you soon Brisbane. Home sweet home.