Technique & Approach #6

Today (early evening) I would like to take a look at series of images. Taken on 3 different rolls of film (3 shooting sessions).

"In Transit." The single colour image, shot on Kodak Ektar, late afternoon. With sun setting, producing a rich blue colour that's not quite sky blue. A crop in post-edit. Everything else in the frame seemed like clutter (I think) and so came up with this simple cut. Lined with the street lights in the foreground. "Light Aircraft". Glorious. Minimalistic, sunlight, blue sky, a bit of placement / environmental elements with the street lights (the bustle) and the subject. 

"Plane Sight." Shot on Kodak Trix-400 BW, the focus on it's eventual placement or natural habitat (the sky) but only for a short while until it lands at it's final destination. Strong sunlight beaming down on the shiny skin of the craft, wreaking havoc with light and exposure on the film. Creating this strong blackness to the right. Shadow, interest. Defining the outline, creating a gradient, bringing out the clouds. 

Always giving consideration to framing, this image is no exception. And the result I think is magnificent. 

"Flight Control." A digital blend of 2 images, the plane, the clouds and the darkness. The whisp of cloud giving movement to the image. The plane in flight amongst the clouds in it's natural habitat. The journey.

Images 1 and 3 being similar, but a completely different approach. Film type, time of day and framing. Post process, a simple crop / + some minor blending / composition.

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