The Brisbane Collective Magazine Launch + Pop-up Exhibition

Last night I partook in the first edition of The Brisbane Collective "HOME GROWN" magazine launch and pop-up exhibition. The Brisbane Collective est. in 2014 is group of wonderful people that promote local artists. A new edition release every few months or so, available in a number of outlets around Brisbane and on line (digital or print order).

My feature of 4 wonderful people in their favourite hang-outs around Brisbane. Including Bonzai Botanika (Brisbane CBD), Fonzie Abbott (Ascot), Bosc (West End) and The End (also in West End).

Likes on Instagram and Facebook just don't compare to the feed back, the interaction, talking about my work, sharing, face to face interaction. So much more personal. Social media have their place, but I love the face to face more. Making connections, talking to other artists about their work and their approach. I am always fascinated about the journey / process an artist takes in the creation process. As I believe the journey is just as important as the end result. The end result being a bonus.

I am in the process of looking into more exhibition opportunities not only locally but abroad (this could mean o'seas - which is something really big for me. A completely new experience. Something that I really both excited and freaked out about as well all at once.) as well. A number of spaces that I've been looking at I feel would suit my work. And so I hope to share my work (in person) with more people. Meet, greet, chat, discuss, laugh and most likely a drink (or 3...). 

It's all about new experiences.

Photos from the night to come...