Technique & Approach #11

10 Years. 

Passing 10 years of photography. From different styles, formats and now in a place where I am truly the happiest with my work. A much more personal approach. What I am doing now, is the direction I intend to stick with and keep pressing on. It may develop a little more, with different formats (of film), my obsession (passion) originally started from an early age. Architectural drawing mostly and I'm not really sure why. Perhaps that's just the way my brain is wired. An appreciation for the lines, the forms, shapes. And now as I photograph them, the light and how it interacts with the structure. 

Framing, composition, colour but I just love architectural photography on black and white. Maybe it's because that classic monotone look, makes you focus more directly on the light, lines, texture, shades.

My most recent works from the Brisbane Open House Weekend.

2016. What this space.