I am pleased to announce that you too can enjoy my work in your home, workplace or perhaps a gift for a loved one. After much uhming and ahing. I've come up with a finished product.

Paper prints.

$35 each (+ $5 shipping world-wide). Simply printed on paper in A3 size. Soon, however I will be offering a slightly different paper stock (more to come on that later... by the end of 2014). All (mostly) of my fine art pieces are available for sale here.

The decision to print on standard paper allows me to share my love and passion for film photography. Keeping all of the costs minimum. I really don't feel incline to charge a lot for my work.

If you have any questions about specific printing requirements or would like to buy a number of my works, please contact me here.

Some time next year I am planning on having another public exhibition here in Brisbane and maybe Sydney or Melbourne later down the track. Any keen person will be able to purchase my work.