Technique and Approach #4

Birds on the line. Peering out my lounge window one afternoon a small flock of magpies roosting on the power / phone (interweb) lines. Silhouetted by the afternoon sunset. The pink colour (of choice) from the film I had loaded up. Always looking for something a bit different to use up a roll or fill a gap.

I took a number of frames (not something I do all the time) of this event. this one featuring 4 friends. Hanging out. Perched, poised. Not in any real hurry, rush or puff. 

Canon A1, Sigma 70-210mm FD, Kodak Ektar 100. Manual (as always) focus. Aperture priority (f/6.3ish) shutter speed around 1/60th judging by the diminishing sun (light). Hand held.