101 Film Photography

Today I am proud to announce that I am launching 101 Film Photography. My passion for film photography and teaching others this craft.


Everything from the basics including camera, lens and film selection to everything else you might need to know to get started. Including business tips and tricks from websites to social media. If you've never shot film before or starting out with photography or you want to make the switch from digital to film, I can help.

Easy to understand, lots of practical and theoretical application. I have over 7 years photographic experience from shooting commercially on digital for 6 years and just over 1.5 years shooting film. Switching to film early 2013. After over 1.5 years of shooting film, I am glad I made the change. 

The aesthetics, the use of old cameras, working with film is a completely different experience. One I hope I can share with you. My passion.