European Postcards. A journey of discovering new things.

Having recently returned from an amazing journey throughout Europe (a good chunk of it at least), I will soon be having an public solo exhibition. On display will be a number of photographs 'postcards' printed in A3 and also in postcard size, available for purchase from my travels. I have released a small amount of photos on my Instagram account, but will certainly be keeping the best to last...

With a strong emphasis on historical places, architecture and few off-the-track spots, where I would wander off in search of something a bit different, tourists, with street documentary / cinematic approach. Armed with 2x Canon A1s (circa late 70s) and having shot 20 rolls of film, I promise you something quite special. 

Brisbane, 1st quarter 2016. The final details of the exhibition (date + time) TBC.

Paris, Musée d'Orsay.

Paris, Musée d'Orsay.

This is only the beginning, as I hope to venture on another trip in the not-to distant future. To where yet, I am undecided. I do however have a strong interest in Scandinavian history, so perhaps Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Russia might be on the list. Scandinavian / Russian architecture, every day life, majestic scenery and of course Nordkapp (northern cap) - the most northern tip of the world. Also recent history of the Balkan region as well. Documenting the recovery after years of conflict. 

For me travel is about the experiencing of the unseen, the undiscovered, cultures, history, new places, new delicacies and of course the people who you meet and may spend time with along the way. Fascinated by these new places and adventures, I look forward to capturing and sharing with in the future.