101 Film Photography.

If you've never taken a photo before or are just starting out and have the desire to be creative. Be it film or digital (and you would like to learn or make a complete switch) I would like to offer my services to learn everything (mostly) about film photography.

With an SLR you have the flexibility to drive your creativity in the right direction. There are many different film cameras, I find the ones from the late 70s onwards are the easiest to learn with. 90's often having similarities to modern digital SLRs. Easy to understand and learn. 

Starting with the Basics - Everything from the technical to the creative. From choosing a camera and lens, to film types and making pictures. From both a creative and technical point of view. Just how I drive my work. Moving on to more advanced features if you want. 2hrs $150/ person a session. 

Development - From where to get your film developed, scanned and / or printed. I will provide you with information about labs, scanning options, development options (including tips and tricks), fine art printing, printers. 1hr $75/ person.

Editing/ Basic Post-Production - how to edit (if you want to), store and manage your images (including backups, web preparation / negatives). 2hrs $150/ person.

Business Assistance - social media integration, business/ personal website options (paid and free + pros and cons). 1 hr initial consultation $75. Follow up and further tuition / guidance $75/hr (not including website / graphic design and management).

I am based in Brisbane, however quite happy to travel. Let's get started here!